Luxury Coaching

Our luxury coaching sessions are about

  • Calm the caos – ways to bring order to creative minds. Train bliss for the brain, relaxation and conversation
  • How to manifest positive change – relaxing the mind, shape the world you want
  • Healthy lifestyle – to create mind, body and soul balance
  • I am enough – this simple phrase can change your life for the better

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One to one sessions

Luxury Coaching – one to one session is an activity where the keys of your wellness are found with luxury coaching. We do exercises in the backgrounds of pedagogy, psychology, NLP and educational methods. The goal is to reconnect with the mind, body and soul as well as to relax and feel more energized.

Luxury Coaching – one to one sessions can be the ultimate experience for you.

Team coaching


Wow! What a team -day can be an adventure… Through various methods we discover unity and find out each other’s strengths. The exercises help you to realize and recognize that a moment of peace can create success factor in the team. Our program consists of team training in a luxury way tailored for your group.

Wow! What a team -day

  • Outdoors, 2 hours
  • One to one sessions, 2 hours
  • Indoors, 2 hours

…Or as you wish!

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